That’s one way to describe the Air Force Football season 8 games in. Play well in spurts, play not so well in others, and come up short. Boise St was another example of that last week. Safety Ross Connors shared with me how frustrating it has become for the Falcons. You make a couple more plays in 3 of the 5 losses, and now you are 6-2.  So where does it leave the Falcons with a month left in the season? Saturday, it’s Michie Stadium as the Falcons meet Army. Fascinating matchup for several reasons. One, Air Force wins the Commander in Chiefs trophy if they win this weekend. The Black Knights are 6-2, have a 10 game home winning streak, control the clock, and give up very few yards on the ground. And, oh yeah, last year….21-0 Army. At Falcon Stadium. I’m not sure if that sticks in the craw of the Falcons. Some teams would use that as motivation for this year. Not sure if it motivates Air Force, which is neither good or bad, just an observation. But I point that out because I think Army may be better this year than a season ago. Both defenses are excellent against the run and the offensive units will get stern tests. After that, its back to conference play, with New Mexico, Wyoming and Colorado State. So there is still time to turn this into a winning season, and a bowl season. But with 4 games left, you have to finish, and that’s something the Falcons have struggled with all year long.


Air Force and Army..Saturday Morning at 10, on Colorado’s 740 KVOR.