Back At It Again

Took a break from blogging about AF Football and Basketball as the Football season ended and Hoops got underway. But I, like they, are back, and while early on results have been a bit disappointing, the balance of the season remains as the Falcons head to Michigan to face the #4 Wolverines on Saturday. When we last left the Falcons they were numbly walking off the floor following their loss to Army 66-61. It was a game Air Force led by 17 at one point. It was the classic “Tale of 2 halves.” Sometimes losses like this are tough to come back from. If there was a silver lining, it was the last game before finals and the Falcons will have had 2 weeks to put it behind them as they travel to play at #4 Michigan December 22nd, which is no cakewalk whatsoever. But this loss is hard to dismiss, mostly because it showed both the potential of this team, and what it lacks at the moment. In my mind this squad is inconsistent. You can’t shoot 18-21 from the free throw line 72 hours earlier against DU, and then go 11-24 from that same free throw line against Army. You can’t have 19 turnovers against the Black Knights. You can’t have 17 or more turnovers 4 times in 10 games and expect to win. Air Force needs to value every possession like they’re protecting a young child. The Falcons play hard, but at times need to play smarter and with more of an edge, a toughness, that allows them to hit free throws at any point of the game. They have to play with a savvy that limits turnovers. The core of this club is made up of juniors, some of whom have played a lot of games. That experience needs to come through. Look, this is a big year because of the make-up of this team. The last 5 seasons have produced either 12 or 14 wins. This year has the potential to be a breakthrough year, but smarter play and more toughness have to be part of the equation.


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