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Arizona family in police confrontation gets backing from Jay-Z group

A philanthropy affiliated with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, said it is offering support to an Arizona family after a confrontation with police in Phoenix last month following an alleged shoplifting incident. Team Roc spokesman Didier Morais said Sunday that the group has offered legal and emotional backing to the family. Officers were “caught on video using…MORE

One person was killed and 7 other people were shot at a graduation party

Police are searching for a gunman who opened fire at a graduation party in Philadelphia Sunday night. One person was killed and seven others were injured in the shooting, according to Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross. Around 60 people were at the party when shots rang out, Ross said. Ross said that four of the…MORE

Woman arrested after she pushed her dog in a lake and watched it drown

A New Hampshire woman faces an animal cruelty charge after pushing her 11-year-old dog into a lake and watching it drown. Nancy Bucciarelli was arrested Friday. She is accused of taking her golden Labrador Retriever to Wasserman Park in Merrimack, about 29 miles south of Concord, on June 8 and then pushing it from a…MORE