Fire Marshal responds after Trump speech

(Photo: KOAA News 5)
(Photo: KOAA News 5)

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – Donald Trump taking multiple jabs at the Colorado Springs Fire Marshal, in the first minute and a half of his speech.

“I was not anywhere around here, I heard some comments that he had made, and that’s fine,” said Colorado Springs Fire Marshal Brett Lacey.

Lacey visited the Gallogly Events Center Thursday…discussing the center’s 1,500 person limit with UCCS, Secret Service, and local law enforcement.

Lacey says the Trump campaign agreed that 1,500 ticketed people would be let in, and asked that another thousand people be allowed into an overflow room. Lacey says he assessed that room and agreed.

Then Friday, he got a request that more people be allowed in to Gallogly.

“I think if the event planners wanted to have more people inside, we have a number of venues here in the Colorado Springs area that they could have secured, and obtained,” said Lacey.

Still, Lacey allowed 150 more people into the events center an extra 100 into the overflow room.

The Trump campaign continued taking online ticket reservations well beyond the cap, so some people weren’t allowed in.

Lacey tells us Trump’s criticism is rolling off his shoulders,”I guess everyone has an opinion, and you know, I’ve never met the man, so its unfortunate that he’s judging things without knowing, and i guess in one respect maybe that’s flattering,” said Lacey

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