Colorado’s Red Flag Law one year later

By Nia Bender

COLORADO SPRINGS – The numbers are in on Colorado’s controversial “Red-flag” mental health law. it was implemented by judges a total of 66-times lin in 2020. The extreme risk protection order was asked for 111-times by family members, law enforcement, and others, who feared someone’s mental health could lead them to commit harm to themselves or someone else

In 47-cases, judges decided to extend a temporary order removing guns from that person’s possession for an entire year.  Cases were filed in 24-of the state’s 64-counties. The highest number was filed in Denver.

The law allowing judges to order that a person’s firearms be confiscated if they are deemed a risk was signed into law on January 1st, of last year. Governor Jared Polis, said, “This law will not prevent every shooting, but it can be used in a targeted way to ensure those suffering from a mental health crisis, don’t harm themselves or others,” He went on to say, “Today, we may be saving the life of your nephew, your niece, or your grandchild. We might also prevent the shooting of additional deputies, or even mass shootings.” The governor called the new law a critical tool to reduce gun violence.

Colorado joined at least 15-other states with an extreme risk protection order law on the books.

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