There’s a big bull moose on the loose off Highway 115

By Nia Bender

COLORADO SPRINGS – There’s a moose on the loose and this isn’t just any old moose..It’s a big bull moose and he’s dangerous. Officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife are warning residents in the area near the Country Club of Colorado to be on the lookout for this bad boy.

He was spotted wandering around on the golf course and officials say everyone and their pets need to stay away from him because of his size and his power. While some people think it’s odd to see the animal in our area, it’s really not. There are roughly 3,000 moose statewide and they appear to be thriving. It’s not something you see every day, but one was seen near the Air Force Academy and up in Manitou Springs last year.

They are very aggressive animals and caution needs to be shown if you do encounter one. Keeping your distance is important and it’s a good idea to keep your dog on a leash. The sight of your pet may actually cause a moose to be even nastier and they could charge. How can you tell if they’re going to charge, you ask? It may be a little hard to know but watch the ears. If their ears are pinned back, you may be in trouble. Your best bet is to run like crazy and try to find something sturdy to hide behind or in.

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