City of CS Show

The show airs 3-3:30pm on Saturday

Deborah Elliott-Shultz was born into an Air Force family and married an Army soldier, so when she says she understands “military life”, she means it! During her youth she grew up in England, the Philippines and Germany and has traveled extensively throughout the world. This experience has enabled her to connect with people on all levels, from every socio economic level and all walks of life. After receiving a scholarship to the University of New Mexico for her academic achievements, she came to the United States at the age of 18 and received 2 degrees, LPN and BSW. In the past she has been active with the USO, and a homeless advocate and a high school mentor, teaching entrepreneurship in the local high school. She has been a resident of Colorado Springs area for 20 years and specializes in military clients as well as first time home buyers.

Truly, she enjoys being a Realtor and finding the perfect home for the first time home buyer to the seasoned investor as well as assisting Seniors making their lifetime transitions.She is also committed to community. Debby hosts a radio talk show on KVOR in Colorado Springs that highlights local businesses as well as the local real estate market. 

Customer service is top priority and a commitment that Deborah promises her clients. She says, “buying real estate can be confusing and stressful. And having an agent that is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and experienced is not just expected, it’s necessary”! CLICK HERE for more of City Of CS.

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