Biden’s G7 Gaffes Don’t Go Unnoticed in Some Media

President Joe Biden’s gaffes and difficulty speaking publicly did not get missed by the media during his G7 summit, including bumbling in his final remarks, mistaking Libya for Syria, getting “waved off” and corrected by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and failing to show customary respect for the queen of England.

Biden mixed up Libya when he meant to say Syria at least three times in discussing “economic assistance,” which he corrected to say “food assistance,” and even aides had to explain away as mere slips of the tongue, according to Fox News.

President Biden muttered “I shouldn’t be negotiating in public,” but did talk in fits and starts about working with Russia to provide “vital assistance” to “Libya,” which he called a “population that’s in real trouble.” He meant Syria, and proceeded to mix up the Middle East countries twice more.

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