Boeing CEO Calls for Safety Meeting After 737 Panel Incident

Boeing CEO David Calhoun sent a message “for all employees” on Sunday after an Alaska Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing when a panel from its Boeing 737 flew off midair.

“Team,” Calhoun said, according to a screenshot posted to X, “As we work diligently with our regulators and support our customers following the Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 in-flight accident, I will hold a company-wide webcast focused on safety on Tuesday, Jan. 9, from Renton, joined by several members of our executive leadership team.

“When it comes to the safety of our products and services, every decision and every action matters,” he added. “And when serious accidents like this occur, it is critical for us to work transparently with our customers and regulators to understand and address the causes of the event, and to ensure they don’t happen again. This is and must be the focus of our team right now. … While we’ve made progress in strengthening our safety management and quality control systems and processes in the last few years, situations like this are a reminder that we must remain focused on continuing to improve every day. Further details about the webcast will be shared with all employees on Monday via email.”

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