Roger Stone to Newsmax TV: Evidence Denial Is a Media ‘Stunt’

Roger Stone to Newsmax TV: Evidence Denial Is a Media ‘Stunt’

The breathless claims of “no evidence” of voter fraud is a “mainstream media stunt,” according to Roger Stone on Newsmax TV.

“I think the mainstream media stunt of saying there’s no evidence whatsoever of voter fraud is patently absurd, because the evidence is not only overwhelming, it’s also compelling,” Stone told Saturday’s “The Count” hosted by Tom Basile and Mark Halperin.

Stone pointed to the “old fashioned, urban, Democrat vote-stealing machine” and “serious evidence of cyber manipulation of the vote.”

Asked by Halperin if President Donald Trump does not succeed in his legal challenge, who could beat him in the Republican Party in 2024?

“That would be no one,” Stone said. “This president is even more popular than the great Ronald Reagan was.”

Stone added Reagan’s GOP approval rating was a “marvel” in the high 80s.

“Donald Trump has approval ratings in the mid-90s, which I’ve never seen in American politics,” Stone added.

“The grassroots of the Republican Party loves Donald Trump.”

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