Sen. Rick Scott: Border Crisis ‘Manmade’ and Biden Is at Fault

The crisis at the nation’s border with Mexico was “manmade” and “that man was (President) Joe Biden, and as a result, record amounts of fentanyl and other drugs are coming into the country and devastating the nation’s communities, Sen. Rick Scott said Monday.

“He shut down finishing the wall, he didn’t put the gates up, he shut down the technology, he didn’t electrify the lights and cameras,” the Florida Republican said on Fox Business’ “Mornings With Maria.” “Cartels now operate in our state. You look at these poor children and women who are being trafficked … how can Joe Biden be doing this?” 

Scott added that sheriffs in Florida are saying that there is now an “unbelievable amount of fentanyl overdoses” since Biden was elected, because of the amount of the drug coming across the “completely open” southern border 

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