Sen. Ron Johnson to Newsmax: Democrats Face Reality Over Biden’s Health Cover-Up

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., criticized Democrats for allegedly concealing President Biden’s health issues, asserting that their reluctance to address the matter stems from their unrelenting desire to maintain power.

In an interview with Newsmax on Tuesday, Sen. Johnson delivered a biting critique of the Democratic Party, accusing them of concealing President Joe Biden’s health condition to cling to power. Johnson asserted that the President is determined to pursue re-election, driven by personal and familial motivations.

“President Biden is defiant; he wants this nomination. You know, Dr. Jill Biden wants to stay in the White House. Hunter Biden wants his dad there to pardon him. So again, they’ve got the votes for the nomination. They’re clinging to power like Gollum is clinging to the golden ring; they don’t want to give up power. It’s intoxicating,” Johnson remarked on “Rob Schmitt Tonight.”

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