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Republican challenger for Polis

  Another Republican challenger for Colorado Governor Jared Polis. University of Colorado Regent Heidi Ganahl announced her candidacy Tuesday. Ganahl filed her paperwork late last week. She is the last republican to have won a statewide race, with a narrow victory in 2016 as she was voted on to the C-U Board of Regents. ¬†She…MORE

More jobs for the area

    More jobs coming from retail giant Amazon. The company said Tuesday they will hire an additional twenty two hundred people in the springs for its brand new fulfillment center near the Colorado Springs Airport. This is on top of the 25 hundred people Amazon hired as that center opened earlier this summer. Amazon…MORE

City planning for covid relief money spending

  The city of Colorado Springs has presented a plan to City Council on how to spend more than 76 million dollars received from the government for covid relief. The money can be spent on public health expenditures, helping businesses and families impacted by covid, and on infrastructure. The current plan directs 28 million to…MORE

Colorado Supreme court tosses local case

  2 Colorado Springs Police officers have been found by the Colorado Supreme Court to have violated the constitutional rights of two men they arrested for dealing drugs 6 years ago. The court ruled Monday those officers violated the rights of Rafael Tafoya and another man as police were trying to build a case against…MORE

Carjacking suspect arrested

  Springs police arrested a man early this morning after they say he stole two cars and tried to break into a home. Police say two vehicles were carjacked last night, in the 100 block of South Academy and the 400 block of East Kiowa. Then there was an attempted carjacking but the potential victims…MORE

Courthouse, businesses damaged

  Sometime late Saturday night or early Sunday vandals broke windows at the El Paso County Courthouse and a couple of businesses on East Cimarron and South Tejon. the damage to the 2 businesses could exceed 10 thousand dollars. No word on damage estimates to the county courthouse. An owner of one of the businesses…MORE

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