What a nice little surprise for Air Force earlier this week when the 17th ranked Falcons found out they are also ranked #25 in the first College Football Playoff Ranking. Heady times for Air Force. This is a first, and its well deserved for their 8-0 start. Tulane, also a group of 5 school is one spot ahead at #24. The highest ranked Group of 5 team gets a New Years Day Bowl Berth. The buzz, the excitement, the attention has been cool to see.

And with all that said, time to play your best football of the season. EVERY GAME means something, including Saturday’s contest with Army. AF can grab the CIC Trophy once again, but there is so much more at stake. Win the final 4 games and the Falcons have a shot at their first ever Conference Championship, and if they manage to stay undefeated there is a chance to pass Tulane and go to their first ever New Years Day Bowl. Mountains that seemed out of reach are now scalable. This team has a chance to go into the record books, not just at Air Force, but also in the Mountain West. But stray just a little, and that opportunity goes bye-bye. Every player understands what awaits, IF, they focus on the immediacy of the moment. Hawaii, UNLV, Boise St mean nothing if the Falcons don’t win Saturday. It is on them. You don’t need help from another team. You control You. Chances like this are rare. Keep it simple. Go 1-0 Saturday. Every team wants to say they beat you. You’re getting their best shot. Stay Frosty and make history.

Listen Saturday for Air Force and Army at 12:30 on 740 KVOR.

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