KVOR On-air Schedule


Monday – Friday

12:00am       Red Eye Radio

4:00am         America in the Morning

5:00am         Colorado Springs Morning News

8:30am         Richard Randall

10:00am       Rush Limbaugh

1:00pm         Savage Nation

2:00pm         Ben Shapiro Live

4:00pm         Mark Levin

7:00pm         The Savage Podcast

8:00pm         Ben Shapiro Podcast

9:00pm         Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis




12:00am       Red Eye Radio

6:00am         Jeff Crank the Political Insider

9:00am         Accelerated Wealth

10:00am       Rush Limbaugh “Week in Review”

1:00pm         Our Town

2:00pm         Purity Products

3:00pm         The Del Walmsley Show

4:00pm         Handel on the Law

7:00pm         Purity Products

8:00pm         Chris Plante Show

11:00pm       Red Eye Radio



12:00am        Red Eye Radio

5:00am          Joy of The Gospel   

6:00am          Focus on the Family

7:00am          The Jesus Christ Show

9:00am          Accelerated Wealth

10:00am        Live and Local with Tron Simpson

12:00pm        Accelerated Wealth

1:00pm          Tara Nolan Advisory

1:30pm          Purity Products

2:00pm          Retire Financially Fit

3:00pm          Best of Ben Shapiro

4:00pm          The Real Estate Voice with Barb Schlinker

5:00pm          Purity Products

6:00pm          Retire Financially Fit

7:00pm          The SCL Mortgage Show

8:00pm          The Randall Rewind

9:00pm          Best of Ben Shapiro

11:00pm        Red Eye Radio

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