It’s getting batty in Colorado

By Nia Bender

COLORADO – Things are getting batty around Colorado right now and officials from Colorado Parks and Wildlife are urging property owners to leave bats alone as the animals migrate to their summer roosts.  The agency tweeted Monday that Coloradans may find one or two bats hanging around their backyards right now.

CPW says the bats will leave in a night or two and says they won’t bother anyone as long as they are left alone.  Wildlife officials also say property owners should contact them if multiple bats congregate in one site or get trapped inside a building.

There are 18-species of bats known to live in Colorado. Some of those live here year-round and others migrate through the state. The animals are seriously misunderstood and they play a very important role in ecosystems across the state.

Bats can be found in every habitat in the state, from the eastern plains to the high mountain forests and western deserts, from rural towns to downtown areas. Not only do they pollinate plants and crops, but they eat insects and help control our insect populations. Little brown bats are known to catch and eat more than 150 mosquitoes and crop pests in less than 15 minutes.

You can learn more about the bats and wildlife in Colorado by clicking here. 


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