Club Q Shooting: Suspect Faces Charges, Victims ID’d, Heroes Honored

The growing memorial to victims of the Club Q Attack / KASIA KERRIDGE

Some new details on the deadly shooting at the LGBTQ+ nightclub, Club Q on Saturday night. This morning, Springs Police say that five people were killed, 17 were hit by gunfire and a number of others received other kinds of injuries. The suspect allegedly entered the club around midnight, armed with two guns — one described as a “long rifle” — and immediately opened fire. Two people in the club worked together to take down, and disarm the suspect. Police were on scene shortly after, and took the suspect into custody.


The suspect, 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich, is now facing five counts of first-degree murder — and five counts of bias-motivated crime to cause bodily injury. The suspect’s arrest papers have been sealed until the investigation is over. A judge ordered them sealed yesterday. Aldrich remains in the hospital this morning, and is in police custody.


Authorities have identified the five people killed in the attack. They are Daniel Aston; Derrick Rump; Kelly Loving; Ashley Paugh and Raymond Green Vance. Kurt Paugh, Ashley’s husband, says the family cannot even begin to understand what it means not to have her in their lives. Raymond Green Vance’s family says he was a selfless young man. Kelly loving’s sister says her condolences go out to all victims, and said that many people loved Kelly. The friends of Aston and Rump say that they were welcoming to all, and will be missed.


For several days, we’ve heard of the brave acts of two people inside the club the night of the attack — who worked to disarm and take down the suspect. We now know their names. Thomas James and Rich Fierro. Fierro, who says his daughter’s boyfriend was killed in the attack, credits his military background for launching him into action. He tackled the suspect, and began hitting the shooter. James came up and kicked guns away from the shooter. Police arrived a short time later. Law enforcement and officials of all types say that Fierro’s actions saved lives. Fierro told the press that he does not consider himself a hero, and he wishes he could have done more.

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